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Important considerations in selecting an engagement ring.

There are thousands of classic engagement ring designs that can be customized to suit your significant other’s needs. It is important to understand your potential mate’s preference for ring design:

Some Key features to consider:

  • The stone type and color. Does your partner prefer a natural or lab grown diamond? Or do they prefer a different stone altogether like a sapphire, ruby or emerald?

  • Shape and size are also important to consider. Does you significant other prefer daintier jewelry or do they like a lot of sparkle? Emerald cut, round, marquise, oval or pear cut are all shapes to think about.

  • Lastly the type of metal that's used for the mounting; yellow gold, white gold, platinum, 14k gold verses 18k gold, or alternative metals. The durability of the components chosen is also important.

At Village Jewelers, we understand all the questions to ask when creating a custom ring. We will work with you, as a consultant, to help you choose the ring design that will bring a lifetime of happiness.

Contact us or check out our website for more information.


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