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Diamonds are forever ... and so are other stones when given the proper care.



​Fine Jewelry from Village Jewelers is carefully examined, designed and selected to be strong and durable. Keep in mind that If you are rough with your jewelry, it needs to be checked often for excessive wear. We are happy to clean and check your jewelry anytime, and it's always free!

Please remember:

  • All stones (including diamonds - the hardest substance on earth) can be chipped or broken.

  • Avoid striking hard objects.

  • The most common way that stones are broken is by washing the dishes!

  • Prior to engaging in any activity where your rings may be impacted, remove and store them in a safe and easily remembered place. 

  • If you are having trouble getting your rings on and off, consider having them sized properly to fit.  We can size almost any ring. If you are experiencing enlarged knuckles, we have a wonderful hinged latch that can be installed on your ring to allow easy on and off for the enjoyment of your rings. 

  • We are always happy to check your jewelry to ensure that the stones are secure and that the mounting is sound. 

  • If a stone is loose, immediately store the items in a safe place and bring it to Village Jewelers for repair.


  • Have your jewelry professionally cleaned and checked periodically (every 1-2 years).

  • NEVER clean your jewelry with harsh chemicals.​

    • ​​Warm soapy water and a soft bristle toothbrush should be used to clean everything but pearls.​
    • Pearls should be wiped clean with a soft cloth. Do not put them in water because it will damage the silk thread. Pearls should be put on last as they can be damaged by the chemicals in perfume and hairspray.


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