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Here at Village Jewelers, we constantly strive to offer our clients the highest quality service available. We value our friends and family above all. Your kind words and thoughts are what make us who we are - your trusted friend in the jewelry business. 


Client Reviews

I can't say enough wonderful things about Village Jewelers and the team! Every time I've purchased from the store I've been amazed at the beautiful jewelry I've purchased and the reasonable prices at which they are marked.  Whether it was purchasing earrings on a whim or having a custom engagement ring created, Charlie and the team ensured that I was getting a great deal. Charlie was even so kind as to explain to me all about the purchasing of diamonds and how to evaluate them for the best deal.
Thanks to the team, I was able to get a custom engagement ring designed in 2016.  My (now wife) and I couldn't be happier with the ring! It turned out even more beautiful than I could've imagined thanks largely to the expertise of Charlie during the design phases!
I would absolutely recommend the store to anyone.  You won't be disappointed! Not only are the products amazing, the owners are some of the nicest people I've met!!

Joshua B., September 2017

This is what a great local business is all about! We just had a family diamond ring refashioned into a new setting and Charlie and Morgan were wonderful from the beginning to the end of the process. Beyond being friendly and welcoming, they are experienced and talented in creating a stunning design, always taking the time to consider your preferences and take into account your ideas but then using their expertise and skill to create a unique piece.


I can't recommend them highly enough!! I am thrilled with my new ring and I am sure to get multiple compliments and when I do, I will be sure to add that I credit Charlie and Morgan at Village Jewelers for the design! I might also mention that they have in their shop some of the most beautiful and unusual pieces of jewelry I've ever seen in one place. Visiting Village Jewelers makes me realize that even though I have plenty of jewelry, I still want more! Thank you Charlie and Morgan, and I am sure that we'll see you again!


Carole C., January 2015

Village Jewelers has been absolutely spectacular on handling our wedding rings. Not only did they ensure that my fiance's wedding band fit perfectly, they also made a custom designed band to fit my unique, art deco setting. My engagement ring belonged to my fiance's great, great grandmother. It is a very delicate family heirloom that I absolutely cherish. Dated around 1910, this ring is precious to me. I never once felt worried leaving it in Charlie and Joy's care. Great local store in the Boone area. Charlie and Joy are wonderful folks who care about their customers.

Molly M., May 2014

Custom Wedding Ring
Custom Weddding Ring
Wedding Rings

If you are looking for the best, you will find it at Village Jewelers. The only place you can trust with your most prized heirlooms. Village Jewelers can turn a piece of family history, into a family legacy. Very pleased with their passion to serve our community, with excellence. Thank you!

Collin W., May 2016

It's nice to find a store / merchant you can trust!  Great selection, fair pricing and FULL service. Have made several purchases there and had several repairs done.  My wife and I have recommended them to many friends and family. Bravo on a well run business!
Don P., September 2017

Village Jewelers has been my go-to resource for innumerable birthday, anniversary, holiday and special occasion gifts for many years, and Charlie, Joy and the team are simply the best. I don't know what I would do without their counseling and expertise!  They deserve 10 stars!

Dan B., October 2017

Village Jewelers has one of the finest exhibits of artfully crafted jewelry that I've seen in some time. Most visits to jewelry stores include browsing over items to find a few unique pieces placed throughout the store. A walk through Village Jewelers is a completely different experience as I had to eye nearly every piece because they are all different, unique and one-of-a-kind works of art. The customer service was exceptional! Thank you!

Luke O., December 2014

Love to patronize Village Jewelers for their friendly and expert service, creative craftsmanship and stunning array of all types of jewelry!

Jan B., March 2018

Charming shop with excellent local art, distinctive lines of watches and jewelry, and knowledgeable and friendly staff.

John T., March 2018

Antique, Estate and Custom Rings







"Hands down

best jewelry store

in the high country. Fantastic

customer service & always a

gorgeous selection

of merchandise."

- LA Campbell










"These are truly professional jewelers. Every aspect of my experience was top notch. I had them remake a two pieces of jewelry I already owned into one. The results exceeded my expectations, resulting in a piece that will be passed down for generations."










"I went to Village Jewelers to design a ring for my mom for Christmas.  I had never been to a jeweler before so I was very nervous but they made the process so incredibly easy and efficient. Not only did they create an absolutely stunning ring, they were super amazing, clearly care a lot about their customers, and the quality of jewelry they put out is above and beyond."

- Ariana




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