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How much will it cost to have a stone put back in a ring?

The question seems simple, but the answer may be complicated.

It is impossible to determine why the stone came out or what has to be done to restore the setting to its original structural integrity.

We need to see it.

Our first question is, "why did it come out?"

There is usually a broken prong due to excessive wear or improperly cut seats.

What material is the ring made of?

What size are the stones?

Are there any other loose stones?

Do we need to rebuild additional prongs?

Does the cost of repairs exceed the value of the ring?

Are the stones damaged? Are they natural or synthetic?

When do you want it back? Would you like expedited service?

At Village Jewelers, we offer the best jewelry service available. Our jewelers have over 100 years combined experience working on all kinds of materials and situations.

The answer to the question is that a proper repair will cost from $40 to $200.

Please bring in your jewelry anytime for cleaning and inspection - it's always Free!

Village Jewelers

697 West King Street

Boone, NC 28607



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